Samsung Galaxy-Tab 8.9 Wi-Fi to be on T-Mobile USA

Samsung Galaxy-Tab 8.9 Wi-Fi to be on T-Mobile USA


Samsung seems to never run out of new ideas when it comes to gadgets, and this is the same reason why T-Mobile is acquiring a new version of Samsung Galaxy Tab that is not similar to the 7.7 version, which was pulled out immediately from the booth of Samsung Mobile at IFA in the early part of September.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus is the newest addition to T-Mobile. This particular tablet is an updated version that has the original 7 inch size which introduced the Galaxy Tab label. Samsung is a company known to use the term “Plus” when it is enhancing existing products, and has already gotten some clear images of the new tablet.

The G-Tab Plus has a superAMOLED display, Android 3.x Honeycomb and Samsung Touchwiz for tablets, HSPA+ 4G for T-Mobile and a 7” form factor. It is also sleeker and having rounded corners which are better than the original model. The body boasts of its aluminum unibody design.

The Samsung Company will be holding a press release on Monday, September 26, to inform the public that they are already going to have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 but spectators are wondering whether they could also take a sneak peek on the Galaxy Tab Plus too.

The 8.9 inch W-Fi only model Android Tab from Samsung is set to be rolled out into the market soon and rumors have it that it has 16GB storage to boot. The selling price is pegged at around $469. For a 32 GB tab, be prepared to shell out $569