Gmail Mobile Now Supports Multiple Sign-ins

Gmail Mobile Now Supports Multiple Sign-ins


Gmail has been preferred by more and more users because of its large memory for storage and convenience when it comes to e-mails and other transactions. You might also have more than one Gmail account for a variety of purposes. The problem with using too many accounts is that you need to log out from one Gmail account to be able to use the other accounts, and this process can be inconvenient and time-consuming.

Well, Google has great news for for those who have multiple Gmail accounts! You will no longer have to undergo some hassles when using Gmail with your mobile phone because the site now has a support system for multiple sign-ins. This means that you will never perform the cycle of logging in and out just to check your other e-mail accounts because Gmail will allow you to use several accounts simultaneously! Isn’t that amazing?

About the Multiple Sign-In

Here are the steps to make your phone suitable for multiple sign-ins. Click on the account switcher at the bottommost part of the thread list and click “Sign into another account”. If you want to switch between accounts, you can select the desired one from the Accounts menu.

On Mobile-specific Signature

We know that autocorrect and other mobile spell-checks can be frustrating when you’re typing on the go. Let your friends know that you are responding via your mobile phone with a mobile signature, which you can create by pressing the settings icon. You need to select your preferred signature before checking the activation box. In the event that you want to disable the signature, you can do so by removing the check on the box.

The amazing Auto-Responder

Do you usually forget to set the auto-reply in Gmail before you go on a vacation somewhere? Well, there is no need to worry about that because now, you can set the auto-reply feature using your cell phone. Choose the start and end date, then write your message. It is similar to using the desktop or laptop, so you won’t have a difficult time doing this.

URLs are also updated as part of the multiple sign-in support to enable each Gmail account to have a separate bookmark. If you have already bookmarked Gmail for Mobile on your phone, update it now. Go to the website in order to make use of all the new features.