Will iPhone 5 be accompanied by iPhone 4 Plus?

Will iPhone 5 be accompanied by iPhone 4 Plus?


News, leaks and contradicting rumors about the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S are flying all over the Internet, which is causing some major head spins. To make your mind more confused, analyst Mark Moskowitz from J.P. Morgan stated that there will be two new iPhones to be released this year, the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4-plus. I bet you will be browsing the net for some more information regarding that.

Apple’s iPhone 4-plus is planned to be launched in emerging markets like China, according to Moskowitz. The phone will have some minor improvements and a mid-ranged price, but some experts believe that Moskowitz could possibly be talking about the iPhone 4S. iPhone 4-plus and iPhone 4S have been used interchangeably because neither names are official yet. In this context, you get confused with all the rumors and the names, so what more is to come?

Moskowitz also added that while iPhone 5 will use the A5 processor which can also be found in the iPad 2, larger display and an increased RAM, the phone’s design will not be totally changed.

Some more rumors tell us that the iPhone 4S White will be released in addition to the already familiar handful of Apple phones. The launch date of the white version of the next iPhone cannot be determined as of the moment because too many bits and news are already flooding our inboxes and newsfeeds.

Let us just wait for further developments regarding these news bits.