First quad-core Android smartphone is Meizu MX, shipping this month

First quad-core Android smartphone is Meizu MX, shipping this month


Remember when having a single core 1GHz processor in your smartphone was a big deal? Then, we started to get into the generation of dual core processors for phones like the Motorola Atrix and Samsung Galaxy S II? Well, the next gen is upon us and, strangely enough, it looks like Meizu is the one leading the pack. That’s because the Meizu MX could very well be the world’s first quad core Android smartphone.

Set for release later this month, the Meizu MX would effectively be beating the NVIDIA Tegra3 (Kal-El) processor to the punch. There are two variants being prepared and, based on the teaser picture, they both look a fair bit like an Apple iPhone. This almost makes sense, since Meizu was one of the first (and biggest) to sell iPhone clones.

The cheaper of the two Meizu MX variants will have only a dual core processor and 16GB of storage. That’ll be CNY3,999 ($626). The bigger attraction, of course, is the quad core unit with 32GB of storage. That’s being pegged at CNY4,999 ($780). Both processors are A9-based. The rest of the specs include 4.0-inch touchscreens (960×640), 10mm profile, dual cameras, HSPA+ support, and a microUSB port.

How the battery life holds up to a quad core remains to be seen and I’d be hesitant to spend that much money on a Meizu product, but there you have it.