Leaked photo confirms A5 processor for iPhone 5?

Leaked photo confirms A5 processor for iPhone 5?


When a random photo appears on the Internet from some random person, you can’t really give it all that much weight. And as such, we need to take this supposedly leaked photo with more than a few grains of salt. Even so, it does appear to confirm the inclusion of the A5 processor in the next iPhone.

This leaked photo comes by way of Weibo in China. From what we can see, the mainboard is distinctly different from the current iPhone 4 and iPad 2, so it’s very well possible that we are looking at the guts of an iPhone 5 (or possibly an iPhone 4S).

It has almost become a foregone conclusion that the next iPhone would be borrowing the A5 processor from the iPad 2, but it’s good to see some visual confirmation, even if it’s not really a reliable or legitimate source. Also in the photo, we notice a 1,430mAh battery pack, which is a minute 10mAh bigger than the battery that currently powers the iPhone 4.

October is right around the corner and all the rumors are pointing toward a new iPhone that month. Then, we can finally lay all these rumors to rest until it comes time to discuss the iPhone 6.