Video showdown: Windows 8 slate vs. iPad iOS 5

Video showdown: Windows 8 slate vs. iPad iOS 5


As you may have heard, Windows 8 is coming down the pipeline and it’s looking to be very mobile-centric. The desktop experience can be much like the tablet experience, which in turn is a blown-up version of what we’re getting now with Windows Phone 7. So, how does the Windows 8 slate experience stack up against the iOS5 experience on the iPad?

Well, WinRumors has put together a side-by-side video comparison for the two platforms. He goes through many of the main features, like how the lock screen works and how the home screen works. For instance, the iPad only does the standard PIN (passcode) style for security, whereas Win8 has that and the ability to do a “picture” password where you tap on specific parts of your pre-selected image.

The home screen on the iPad will feel familiar to all iOS users with its relatively static stacks of icons, whereas Windows 8 has something similar to the Metro UI from WP7, complete with the live tiles, as well as app shortcuts. The video also goes through customizing the home screen, Safari vs. Internet Explorer, the on-screen keyboards, sharing options, control panels, and so forth.

What do you think? Do you like Windows 8 better than iOS5? What about Android Honeycomb? Which provides the best user experience?