Wireless audio streaming with Aperion Zona Home Audio Link System

Wireless audio streaming with Aperion Zona Home Audio Link System


Your computer is connected to your router via a Wi-Fi connection. Your smartphone is connected to the world via a 3G cellular connection. Why is it, then, that we still use wires for so many other things? Cutting the cables is the second generation Zona Home Audio Link System from the fine folks at Aperion Audio.

Basically, you start off with two parts: a transmitter and a receiver. You connect the transmitter to your audio source of choice, whether it be a computer, MP3 player, or what-have-you. You then connect the receiver to your speaker system of choice. And that’s pretty much it. The audio streams indoors or outdoors, throughout your home. This can be helpful for home theater subwoofers and the like too.

Aperion has designed the Zona HAL System (no relation to that other HAL, hopefully) to be as easy to use as possible. Plug and play with your choice of USB or 3.5mm audio-in. The starter kit gives you one transmitter and one receiver for $149. Addiitonal receivers are $70 each. It also helps that HAL will support up to three simultaneous channels, allowing you to create three “zones” with three sets of audio.

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