Versatile Sealander camping trailer is also a boat and a tent

Versatile Sealander camping trailer is also a boat and a tent


The timing of this is a little off, since camping season is pretty much wrapping up, but the Sealander camping trailer is certainly an intriguing proposition. The pod-like camper is small and light enough to be towed by a mid-size vehicle, but it comes with a couple of surprises when you arrive at your chosen campsite.

First, it can function as a tent. That’s simple enough, since there are benches and beds and such in the modular and configurable interior. The inside can also be moved and swapped around to form the kitchen, complete with sink, fridge, and heater. The roof can also be peeled back for a night under the stars.

But the real kicker is that the Sealander, as its name leads you to believe, is also a seafaring vehicle. There is a “low emissions” electric motor in there that lets the waterproof Sealander hit the lake. That’s pretty awesome. It also has a shallow draft so you can make your way through shallower waters too.

Maybe the timing isn’t so terrible, since you can’t even get the Sealander yet. They’re planning a launch in 2012 with an approximate price of $20,400. If they’re able to hit the retail channels and get distribution by the spring, this could be quite the hot seller.