HTC Sensation XE Android smartphone first with Beats Audio

HTC Sensation XE Android smartphone first with Beats Audio


Okay, let’s see here. HP has effectively given up on webOS and it might be giving up on smartphones and tablets altogether. Several of its laptops are Beats Audio Certified. And now, we’re seeing the world’s first smartphone to receive certification from Dr. Dre’s Beats Audio brand… and it’s an HTC. The HTC Sensation XE, to be exact.

Yes, I know that Beats by Dre is quite separate from HP, but I just thought the pseudo-connection there was a little curious. In any case, it looks like Dr. Dre is expanding beyond laptops and headphones to do the Beats Audio thing in the mobile space too. This phone is largely the same as the original HTC Sensation, but they’ve beefed it up here and there.

With the Sensation XE, you get a dual core 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm, along with the Beats Audio-style black and red color scheme. The 8MP camera with 1080p is still in tow, as is the HTC Sense user interface. The Beats part should help in the audio department, especially when you use it with some Beats Audio headphones. The downside is that there is no 4G.

I couldn’t find any specific info about pricing or availability, so I guess we’ll have to wait for HTC or Dre to announce that at a future date.