The Latest about Google + for iOS

The Latest about Google + for iOS


Internet users nowadays are undeniably going crazy over different social networks. This may be due to the cool applications and a plethora of things that an individual can do with his or her account. From personal entertainment to advocacy work, social media has indeed shaped the daily landscape of people’s lives all around the world. The most popular search engine is Google, and finally, it has created its very own social network, Google +.

At present, Google+ announced great news to all its users that have iOS phones. Google has just recently updated the Google+ application for iOS. New features which were not included in the app’s initial launch are now available. Google+ for iOS possesses the latest version that will bring the app up to version This will include the popular re-share feature which is deemed as an all-important aspect of the Google+. The re-share feature allows users to pass along unique and interesting Google + links to their friends right within the application. In addition, this feature works in a slick manner. You can just simply tap on a post and find the small arrow at the bottom near the comment box. Click the arrow and you will see that “Share this post” option. Select your audience, add a comment and click the “Post” button. In its latest version, the iOS Google+ app will also feature some improvements like the notification time, the option to delete huddles, tweaked circle-creation and bug fixes.

The Google+ 1 button is now made available for mobile devices like tablets and phones. This feature helps users to get recommendations from their friends. The people behind the development say that the button will be automatically visible to people using the Android 2.1+ and iOS 4.0+. With the +1 button, an individual with an Android or iOS device can just tap to +1 directly from his or her tablet or mobile phone.

Aside from these, Google has already created app especially designed for iPhone. Though the app resembles the Android app, it is not considered as universal. Google also opted not to make the iOS app for Google+ a universal app when it was first released a month ago but at present, it is allowing iPad and iPod users to access this application. The iPad part though is compared to a blown-up iPhone app instead of a properly optimized version. Additional Huddle settings and aggregated circles which allow the user to reduce some of the noise and some stability and performance improvements were also done to make it more appealing to phone and tablet users.