Scout Observer Toolkit and iPhone 4 to Replace Military SATCOM

Scout Observer Toolkit and iPhone 4 to Replace Military SATCOM


A unique military kit has been released by Coolfire Solutions, and this could really bring out the MacGyver in you. For soldiers who work in field intelligence, they’ll be able to replace the standard 160-pound terminal used by SATCOM with an iPhone and the Scout Observer’s Toolkit. The size and weight of the six-pound Scout Observer makes it an excellent accessory for furtive operations carried out by the military.

When the Scout Observer is connected to the iPhone, the device becomes a spectrum analyzer, multi-meter, power meter and Low Noise Block Downconverter (LNB). This allows you to locate and verify signals from the satellite, including signals from other mobiles. It also lets you measure the signal strength, and gives you approximate GPS location. The iPhone is placed in a sealed-up compartment and the internal battery pack keeps the signal finder.

It is about 27 times lighter than the SATCOM terminal, so it is more convenient to bring along. If you are into some covert activities as well, you can use this but make sure that you employ the toolkit for legal purposes only! The toolkit is now open for pre-orders and should ship in the fourth quarter of the year. The company hopes to release some versions for other phones as well in the future.