iPhone 4 pimped with glowing Apple mod

iPhone 4 pimped with glowing Apple mod


Some iPhone 4 owners have used the Apple logo on the back as a convenient “mirror” to make sure there’s no lipstick on their teeth or food particles left over from lunch. But forget all that, there is something you can do to give it a bit of edginess.

From the British iDevice repair service iPatch comes the new iPhone 4 mod, which lets your phone’s Apple logo glow whenever the screen lights up. This is very much similar to the MacBook logo which also lights up when opened.

According to the director of iPatch, Andy Smith, the new feature is a “complete secret” and “very tricky to replicate.” He also added that it is impossible to imitate at home unless you have special equipment. The process takes a few hours and it will use your iPhone’s original rear case. You can also select your preferred color of the glowing Apple logo and it can be done to white or black phones as well. Now, isn’t that lovely?

Smith added that the interest for the glowing iPhone mod has been increasing, with countless phone calls, e-mails and tweet requests abounding iPatch. The mod costs around $150 if you are in the U.S and £50 and £100 if you’re in the U.K.