Apple iPad 2 gets inductive charging with iPort LaunchPort

Apple iPad 2 gets inductive charging with iPort LaunchPort


Ugh, wires. They can get so messy and tangled, completely taking away from the otherwise clean experience you get with iProducts. Well, you can at least ditch the charging cable, because the iPort LaunchPort inductive charger for the iPad 2 has been announced and it’s looking simplistically sweet.

Like other inductive charging solutions, you don’t need a physical cable to connect to your iPad in order to top up its battery. Instead, you simply place it on the charging base and it will magnetically align, juicing up that battery with no wires attached. The iPort LaunchPort system consists of three parts.

The first is the PowerShuttle hard case for the iPad. You’ll need this to replace whatever other case you may already be using, but it might be able to fit over an InvisibleShield. The case has a somewhat unsightly circular bump on the back, but that’s the part that magnetically attaches to the BaseStation tabletop mounting and charging dock, as well as the WallStation wall-mounting and charging dock.

This looks pretty convenient, especially the wall mount idea. Peep the intro video below and then hang tight until Q4 for the iPort LaunchPort to hit store shelves.