October 21 launch date for iPhone 5 leaked?

October 21 launch date for iPhone 5 leaked?


At first, we hoped for a June launch of the iPhone 5 to match up with the announcement window of every iteration before it. Then, we heard that it might get delayed until September. Then, we heard October. So, when is the iPhone 5 finally going to hit store shelves? According to a Best Buy leak, the date is set specifically for October 21.

According to the leak, some “Apple-related fixtures” will be put in place in Best Buy stores on the morning of October 21. While the leak makes no mention of the iPhone 5 in particular, it’s unlikely that this would lend itself to a new MacBook or Apple TV, though those are still very much possible. Earlier rumors pointed toward an October 9 launch in New Zealand, but it makes little sense to give the iPhone to NZ before the US. What is that Tim Cook thinking?

October is going to be a very busy month for cell phone fans. We’re hearing that the Nexus Prime with Ice Cream Sandwich will get its official debut, as will a bigger push for WP7 via Microsoft and Nokia, but you just know that Apple will steal more than its share of thunder if the iPhone 5 is indeed launching that month too.