Microsoft collecting location data from WP7 without user consent

Microsoft collecting location data from WP7 without user consent


Oh geez, here we go again. Earlier this year, we learned that Apple has been secretly recording geolocation data for all iPhone users without their knowledge and consent. Well, the Cupertino crew aren’t the only ones doing that. They’re doing it in Redmond, Washington too.

Now there is word that Microsoft has also been secretly collecting the location data from Windows Phone 7 devices, once again without the knowledge and consent of its users. A class action lawsuit has been filed in Seattle district court, but what’s interesting is that it seems Microsoft could be even more evil than Apple.

With the Apple case, users just didn’t know that their location data was being tracked. With Microsoft, the allegation is that the WP7 devices continued to collect location data even after offering users the chance to opt out. That’s like asking what you want for dinner when you really had no choice in the first place: it’s going to be week-old meatloaf. Again.

The location tracking stuff seems to be hidden inside the WP7 camera app, which asks whether you want location data tracked when you first start it up. However, at that point, it already started collecting your geolocation data. It also tracks the model number, device ID number, time and date information, and longitude/latitude data. Will it only be a matter of time before Google gets implicated in a similar LocationGate scandal?