iVictrola music dock costs twice as much as your iPad

iVictrola music dock costs twice as much as your iPad


There’s a price to be paid when you want to do the antique thing, even if it’s not really an antique at all. What you see here is the iVictrola, a modern day interpretation of the original Victrola record players. The key difference, of course, is that it doesn’t play vinyl; instead, it plays music from your iPad.

The dock has an antique Magnavox phonograph horn, though I’m not sure if this really is recovered from an older product or it’s a brand new creation made to look older. In any case, the horn latches onto a block of wood and on that same block of wood is a slot for your iPad. It’s not even an electronic amplifier, since it effectively functions as a giant megaphone.

The good news, then, is that it won’t need to use any source of electricity to work. The bad news is that it may not work quite as well as a conventional speaker. It also doesn’t help that the iVictrola carries a suggested retail price of $985. Ouch. In any case, it’ll be produced in limited numbers for sale this November.