Guide to DIY USB Host on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Guide to DIY USB Host on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1


Yeah, you could spend twenty bucks on an official accessory, but a little DIY hackery might be a little more fun. The idea behind the official accessory is that your Galaxy Tab 10.1 can gain a regular old USB port, letting you connect flash drives and the like. This hack is a little more adventurous, to be sure, but it’s cheaper than $20.

It’s not free, of course, since you’ll still need to pick up some parts. These include a dock connector from Kineteka, a couple of 10k ohm resistors, one donor USB extender cable, and some cable cleanup stuff like heat shrink and tape. You’ll need to do some chopping, splitting of wires, and soldering of resistors, so while it’s not the most complex of hacks, it’s not a plug and play affair either.

In any case, you can check out the full DIY tutorial on, including a couple of pictures to help you along the way. All said, the parts will cost you about $10 plus your labor… I don’t know about you, but I think my time (and warranty) are worth the extra ten bucks. I’ll just buy the offiicial adapter, thanks.