Junaio 3.0 augmented reality mobile browser adds “Scan the World” feature

Junaio 3.0 augmented reality mobile browser adds “Scan the World” feature


Junaio 3.0 is kind of like Google Goggles, but with augmented reality and a set database of information. That’s basically how I interpret the latest update to the Junaio mobile browser. AR is the big deal for this option, but the new “Scan the World” feature adds to the mix by letting you, well, scan the world.

Not unlike Google Goggles, you simply point your smartphone camera at the item of interest and the browser will recognize what you see. From there, it can bring up the relevant info or engage you in an augmented reality experience. An example is scanning a painting at a museum and then having Junaio display information about the work and the artist. The same thing happens when you scan QR codes or barcodes, getting product information and potentially opening up a shopping microsite where you can buy the item at a discounted price.

Unlike Google Goggles, though, all this information has to come by way of the Junaio database and not the web at large. The plus is that you can use interactive 3D augmented reality experiences. If there’s a magazine that’s supported, for example, you can get an eye-popping dynamic 3D AR image rather than the static one on the page, as the picture below illustrates. That’s pretty neat. They just need to get the various vendors and publishers on board with this.