CineSkates portable dolly system is nearly pro

CineSkates portable dolly system is nearly pro


If you’re familiar with the work of Terje Sørgjerd, a Norwegian landscape photographer, you may have seen his amazing, sweeping shots of the arctic parts of Norway. Aside from multiple lenses, filters, tripods and an extra DSLR camera, Sørgjerd relies on a dolly to get that smooth, video-like motion. He uses a dolly from Dynamic Perception, and their cheaper kit is $745. It’s not difficult to justify that expense if you’re a pro, but what about the everyday photographers among us? What about those who won’t be trudging through the arctic parts of Norway for months at a time, but will be taking time-lapse shots of the sunset from the backyard, shooting a video of a cousin’s wedding, or uploading a full tour of an apartment for sale online?

If you want the look of high-end cinematography but not the price, check out CineSkates, a set of wheels that connect to a Joby GorillaPod Focus portable tripod and Ballhead X mount and allow you to get those professional-looking panning shots. The wheels attach to the GorillaPod using a patent pending Cinetics Connect attachment.

Justin Jensen of Austin, TX, set up a Kickstarter campaign for CineSkates, and the project has not only managed to reach the $20,000 goal, but the money raised is currently double that. Jensen, a mechanical engineer, photographer and filmmaker, designed the CineSkates to allow you to achieve rolling shots that glide over the subject, time-lapse shots that move the camera slowly and smoothly, panning shots that scan a wide area and “Worm’s eye view” shots that slide just above the floor.

Once they actually hit the market, the retail price for the CineSkates (and a case and lens cloth) is $200. Though right now the CineSkates only connect to a GorillaPad Focus tripod, the team is working on new attachments that will enable CineSkates to work with other tripods. If you already own a ballhead, you don’t need to buy one. Basically, you’re looking at $350 for the whole package, which includes the CineSkates, a carrying case, the Cinetics Connects, a Joby’s GorillaPod Focus and Ballhead X mounts.