Handroid robot hand by ITK is remote controlled with a glove

Handroid robot hand by ITK is remote controlled with a glove


This is starting to look a little too much like a T-800 endoskeleton, but you have to admit that the technology involved is pretty interesting. What you see here is the Handroid, a robot hand developed by a Japanese company called ITK. It’s a fully articulated robot hand with the same kind of dexterity as a human hand.

Each finger can move independently and the hand as a whole is meant to be “sensitive” enough to be suitable for touching humans or handling fragile objects. This could be great for remote bomb defusing, for instance, rather than having the actual human go over to deal with it themselves. The control scheme makes sense too, since the operator simply wears a glove. The movements of the operator are then mirrored by the Handroid.

Is the beginning for a cybernetic organism to be brought from the future to save John Connor? What if ITK partnered up with IBM, combining the Handroid with that new brain chip? Are you ready for the robot apocalypse? In any case, the Handroid is being planned for launch in a couple of years with an expected price point of $6500. Watch the short clip below for a peek at how the hand moves.