Bracketron Style-iT stylus color-coordinates with iPad Smart Cover

Bracketron Style-iT stylus color-coordinates with iPad Smart Cover


One of the obvious advantages of having a capacitive touchscreen is that you get to swipe around the screen with your finger. Even so, I guess there are times when you want to be a little more precise than what your digits can provide, and it’s during times like those that you might want something like the Style-iT stylus from the folks at Bracketron.

This is a “dual function” stylus in that one end is designed to poke at your iPad (or other capacitive touchscreen device), while the other end is a conventional ballpoint pen. That way, you can scribble on both your virtual notepad and your actual paper one using the same product. I guess a stylus like this can be useful for some of the artists in the audience, since sketching with a pen-like device is much more natural, but it’s probably not useful at all for a game of Fruit Ninja or Angry Birds.

Yes, there are other very similar products already out there in the marketplace, so what is Bracketron doing to separate itself from the crowd? Well, the $25 Style-iT comes in a range of colors that are designed to match the colors of the iPad 2’s Smart Cover range. Huzzah!