New Kindle 3G replaces fees with ads

New Kindle 3G replaces fees with ads


Would you subject yourself to ads and interruptions while reading if it meant $50 off your Kindle and no monthly fees?

It seems like a tough choice, but Amazon and AT&T seem to think people will give it a go. The new ad-sponsored Kindle 3G will be sold for about $90, with no data plan, contract or monthly fees. But I imagine it’s going to take a lot of ads to gain back the money they’ll be losing on 3G fees. I don’t know about you, but when I flop down on the couch to read Nietzsche or Dickinson, I don’t really want to be bombarded and interrupted with messages from AT&T’s highest bidders begging me to go out and waste my money on garbage. That might interrupt my train of thought.

Then again, some people might be so desensitized to advertising on the internet (and everywhere else in our modern world), it might not be a big deal to them. We’ll really have to wait and see what the verdict is once people start using these things.

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