Apple gears up for an early 2012 launch of iPad 3 tablet

Apple gears up for an early 2012 launch of iPad 3 tablet


Well, that makes sense. Apple has a habit of updating its product lines once a year and the current Apple iPad 2 launched in the United States in March 2011. It follows reason that the successor, likely dubbed the iPad 3, would release around the same timeframe in 2012. And it looks like Apple is getting its ducks in a row for exactly that.

Apparently, Apple has started to order some of the key components from suppliers in Asia for development and production of the next-generation tablet. These include sourcing parts like the chips and display panels. With an “early 2012” release window rumored, the iPad 3 will reportedly get quadruple the resolution of the current iPad 2, bumping up to 2048×1536, giving it Retina Display level pixel density.

Moving into Q4, suppliers are reportedly ramping up production to keep up with this demand. It’s said that Apple has placed enough orders to build about 1.5 million iPad 3 devices in the fourth quarter, prepping for an early 2012 release. From what we can gather, Hon Hai Precision Industry of Taiwan will still be responsible for assembling the next-gen iTablet.

Aside from a higher resolution display and possibly a more beefy processor, what else do you want to see in the iPad 3?