Google ups the ante by adding Weather to Maps

Google ups the ante by adding Weather to Maps


It’s hard to argue against the fact that Google Maps was a revolutionary web app on its release all those years ago. And it’s just gotten more awesome. You can check out aerial views of places you live, places you’ve never been, places you’re going; you can get directions to the corner store or the Blarney Stone. You can get harsh reality checks that crush your dreams of walking across the country when you realize it would take 42 days of 24-hour continuous hiking. You can even schlepp yourself up the streets of foreign cities at a street-level view or see if you friend Dave’s car was parked in front of his house when the Google camera car went by.

But in their quest to be the one-stop shop for every last information-related need, Google has upgraded their maps with a new layer: Weather. So not only do you know where you’re going or what landmarks to look for when you get there, but you’ll know how many layers to wear, and the cloud cover, wind speed, ocean surface currents and whether or not you’ll need an umbrella hat, too.

To use the new weather feature, simply go to Google Maps and click on the “Weather” layer as you would Terrain or Traffic. What do you say? Are you going to pass on your WeatherEye app to check the temperatures via Maps? Let us know in the comment section below.