Track Calories with Bodymedia Fit BW Armband for iPhone

Track Calories with Bodymedia Fit BW Armband for iPhone


When you want to lose weight, counting the calories you take in is just one side of the equation. You should also be tracking the calories that you burn and it looks like the Bodymedia Fit is one of the better devices for the job. It’s available with and without Bluetooth, and the latter connects to your iPhone via an accompanying app.

As reviewed by GadgetReview, the BodyMedia Fit is an armband-based device that you strap over your left bicep. It then uses a series of sensors to best gauge your current activity level. This includes the usual pedometer stuff, but there are also sensors for reading your skin temperature, as well as your GSR (galvanic skin response). There’s even a heat flux reader that measures the rate at which your body is dissipating heat.

This gives you a lot of data and a much more accurate reading of how many calories you burned during that 60 minute run, rather than relying on a generic chart of what a 60-minute run typically burns. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the $219.99 BodyMedia Fit BW is only the beginning of your expense, as you have to sign up for a website that comes with a $7 monthly subscription. Without the website subscription, you don’t get your data. Not everyone needs super accurate calorie tracking, but for those who do, maybe this expense is worth it.