Pre-orders begin for intelligent Sifteo cubes, shipping next month

Pre-orders begin for intelligent Sifteo cubes, shipping next month


The way that we interact with computers has changed significantly over the years. We went from reading simple text, to pointing with mice, to tapping on touchscreens. The Sifteo cube changes that again and you can start placing your pre-orders as of right now.

You might remember the prototypes that were shown off during TED 2009, but the crux of it is that they are “intelligent” cubes with displays that can interact with one another. Think of them in much the same way as traditional building blocks, except they’re all interconnected mini-computers. Sifteo calls it the world’s first Intelligent Play Platform.

The starter kit for the Sifteo cubes include three of these blocks, as well as the charging dock, USB radio link for connecting the cubes wirelessly to your computer, the Siftrunner desktop application, and the Sifteo Creativity Kit. Think of it like an SDK. They’ve also preloaded Siftrunner with a couple of games, giving you a sense of what you can do.

No, these cubes aren’t going to replace full computers, but they could completely change the way we have fun and play. The starter kit is $149 and extra cubes are $45 each.