Care to sleep in the Cockpit Suite of a Boeing 747 jumbo...

Care to sleep in the Cockpit Suite of a Boeing 747 jumbo jet?


Maybe the Holiday Inn isn’t for you. Maybe you’re inclined to say nada to Ramada. You want a unique layover experience and that may include staying at a hotel you may not have imagined existed. The next time you happen to be out in Stockholm, you can sleep inside of a jumbo jet. That’s because they have converted a grounded Boeing 747 into the world’s first “Jumbo Hostel.”

Sure, there are other parts of the world where you might be able to stay in an ice hotel or even a barge that’s been converted into a tourist attraction, but sleeping in a plane after flying there on a plane has got to be pretty different. Easily the most interesting room is the Cockpit Suite, which really is the cockpit of the 747 converted into a hotel room.

This can be found at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm and the Boeing 747 was grounded there in November 2002. In addition to the Cockpit Suite, there is the Jumbo Single ensuite room for the business traveler and the Double “Black Box Suite” for small families. It is a hostel, though, so there are dorm-style rooms too if you want to meet some new people. Prices start at $62 for dorm beds and ramp up to $515 for the Cockpit Suite.