Timberland Radler trail camping shoes zip into themselves

Timberland Radler trail camping shoes zip into themselves


Water repellent, durable, light weighted and easy to pack is all you could possibly want from a pair of shoes, especially when talking about camping shoes that need to be packed light. And if they happen to look good besides having all those qualities, it’s even better.

Timberland has recently created the Radler Trail Camp Shoes, an ideal pair of shoes for travelling when there is only a little bit of room in your luggage. The outdoor friendly shoes have a thin design, they are durable and what makes them pretty special is the fact that they zip into themselves, becoming twice as small as their natural state.

You would probably go with classic trail shoes if you are doing some extreme hiking, but for less dangerous kicking it down the dirt camping trail, the Radler Trail Camp Shoes are just perfect. They are made from waterproof fabric and durable soles composed of 42% recycled rubber. When they are zipped, they can either be packed in the bag or clipped to the outside. But since they zip into themselves and not the other way round, I wouldn’t advice you to throw it inside your bag, along with all the clothing and stuff without wiping that mud off first.

For $65 the Trail Camp Shoes in Orange, Red and Black from Timberland could really worth the money.