BlueLounge MiniDock charges your iPhone on the wall

BlueLounge MiniDock charges your iPhone on the wall


There are times when you want to play a game or send a text while your phone is charging, and there are times when you just want it to safely charge by not having to leave your iPhone or iPad sitting on the floor for someone to kick.

That’s where the Bluelounge MiniDock comes in, it’s a charger that plugs directly in a power outlet for your device to sit upright while charging. The Mini Dock replaces the USB connector and is ideal for those who travel a lot. There is no longer the risk of stepping on it while it stands on the floor or placing it on a table or desk from where it could easily fall.

While its not exactly practical to use your phone or tablet with the MiniDock, the charger does help in other situations. For example, you could easily watch a movie, a video or listen to your favorite music in the kitchen, bathroom or from the top of your bed while its safely stuck against the wall beside you.

Designed for EU, UK and US wall outlets, the MiniDock is priced at just $19.95.