Leaked video demos tablet device running Chromium OS?

Leaked video demos tablet device running Chromium OS?


Chrome OS. It’s the platform that is behind the ChromeBook, but don’t you think it would be an even better solution for tablets? Sure, there are already tons of Android tablets out there, but Chromium might be a more suitable fit. And the video below demonstrates exactly what a Chrome tablet would look like.

Web developer Francois Beaufort found a “hidden” touchscreen interface within Chrome OS, so he thought he’d give it a try. Tinkering around in the open source operating system, he activated touchscreen mode by adjusting export GYP_DEFINES=”touchui=1″, then running the standard “gclient sync” to revise the tarball.

And the net result looks pretty good. The touchscreen keyboard is similar to Android, you get larger menus that are more finger-friendly, and the regular option and navigation buttons are easy to tap too. This is an early build, but I’d imagine that with some tweaks and fixes, Chromium could have some serious tablet potential. To the cloud…