Carzor credit card-sized razor fits in your wallet

Carzor credit card-sized razor fits in your wallet


Seriously? Are there really going to be random moments over the course of the day where you absolutely must shave your beard? I guess there are some guys out there with wicked four o’clock shadows, but even then, I’m not sure they’d be all that interested in the Carzor.

It’s a razor that’s credit card sized so that you can slip it into your wallet. We hope that the blades of the razor are suitably covered, less you come back with a completely mangled wallet. To make matters even more unique, the Carzor can optionally be scented with mint, sandalwood, lemon, ocean or orange strips. These are supposed to freshen you up.

You might have a fun time trying to explain this to the TSA agent when traveling too. That, and you really don’t want to accidentally pronounce Carzor as karzy either. In any case, it’s $17.