iPad 2 case transforms your tablet into a Nintendo Gameboy

iPad 2 case transforms your tablet into a Nintendo Gameboy


Sure, it’s fun with all this new technology around us, but don’t you miss the old days of Nintendo? Well, for those of you who want to mix the new and the old, and also combine protection and nostalgia, Lootiful is working on the perfect solution: a retro case for your iPad 2 that looks like the classic Gameboy handheld.

All the old school gamers out there, this is for you. The iPad 2 Game Boy Case snaps on the back of your tablet to protect the iPad while looking like a classic Nintendo game.

The front of the iPad is uncovered, so you can still access your tablet without the need of removing the case, so while you’re doing the computing on your iPad, people around you could think you’re actually holding a Nintendo system. The case has a lay-on-table design, so that the surface of the touchscreen doesn’t scratch when facedown and it also features cutouts, for you to easily access the peripheral buttons and ports.

Time travel with your tablet and shock your friends. The only problem is, so far there is no info on neither availability nor price of the retro beauty. It’s “coming soon“, so if you really want one, watch out for it. The company made 1500 iPhone 4 cases and now they are “sold out forever.”