iLuv Art Station Pro iPad dock looks like a G4 cinema

iLuv Art Station Pro iPad dock looks like a G4 cinema


No matter how enjoyable your iPad experience may be, if there is one thing that could be changed about the tablet is that it’s not going to compare to your home theatre when watching movies. And who wants to hold it in their hands for a two hour movie? Well, if you have $169.99 kicking around, your iPad movie experience can be changed cinema style. iLuv, known for crafting some mighty fine Apple accessories has announced a new docking unit for the iPad, called iMM514, ArtStation Pro; set to turn your tablet into a home entertainment center.

The iPad is attached to an articulated swiveling arm that allows both landscape and portrait positioning, in whatever angle you like. The big base actually incorporates a huge stereo speaker, for making your home theater experience even more real. The iMM514 by iLuv is the perfect accessory for enjoying movies, music or TV shows, while sitting relaxed on the sofa; controlling your iPad and positioning the dock can also be done via the wireless remote control. The new dock is also compatible with the iPhone and the iPod too and comes in a stylish design that fits any decor.

The ArtStation Pro sorta makes your iPad look like an iMac G4. It should arrive at iLuv retailers this month.