Vinci tablet for Babies ships with Android Froyo

Vinci tablet for Babies ships with Android Froyo


I remember being happy playing with Lego, building towers, guns, talking to my toys and just smashing stuff into walls and chucking them down the stairs.

Well, now times have changed and it seems that the new must for a baby, for a rich baby to be more precise, is something called a Vinci tablet.  That $389 in your wallet is surely burning a whole in your pocket, and it’s not like your wife is trying to justify any of her own shopping purchases.  The tablet for toddlers is now available for pre-orders and you can get your apple sauce stained hands on it really soon.

The Vinci has a mediocre 7-inch display running at a well proportioned 700 x 800 resolution, a 3 megapixel camera comes in allowing you to “capture precious moments.”  And a 1GHz Cortex A8 chip processor with 512MB of RAM allowing you to crunch heavy graphics in free apps or games you download to your Android Froyo tablet.   BTW, if you were wondering about WiFi, there is no wireless connectivity, it’s for toddlers you ninny! You can’t go and fry their brain just yet.  But it does come pre-loaded with 3D games, animated storybooks, and music videos, all in the sake of good education of course.  We’re not sure if there’s expansion memory, but we’d guess it has a microSD at the least.  Battery life is 3 hours, or opt for the extended pack with 6 hour battery life, more educational content at $479.