Skype for iPad app returns with tablet optimizations

Skype for iPad app returns with tablet optimizations


Despite some increased competition, Skype remains as the de facto VoIP and video-chat platform. The app for the iPad was released and pulled a while ago, but now it’s back in the App Store and ready to let you chat it up with your friends around the world again.

There’s already a Skype app for iOS, but this version has been optimization for the iPad’s specs and dimensions. The extra screen space certainly helps for two-way video calling, for instance, but it’s also handy for all the instant messaging and such. And unlike FaceTime, Skype for iPad can legitimately do video chat over 3G without any modification.

As always, Skype for iPad is free on iTunes. You just have to pay for the services as you normally would when using Skype on any other platform. And also unlike FaceTime, your chat buddies don’t have to a part of the iCrew to talk with you over Skype.