Take-away canoe fits in backpack, assembles in under five minutes

Take-away canoe fits in backpack, assembles in under five minutes


A pliable boat? Real and possible.

For those of you who love spending time on the lake but often have to deal with the inconvenience of a classic canoe, Israeli designer Ori Levin from Tsor Design Studio has recently come up with a handy solution.  He created the so called Adhoc Canoe, a take-away canoe which folds into a standard-sized backpack. The Adhoc Folding Canoe weighs about 4.1 kg , is 13 x 23 x 70 centimeters and is really easy to carry.

The canoe is made from carbon fiber wrapped in aramid, support struts and a light heat resistant fabric normally used in body armor and racing sails. Due to these materials, the Adhoc Canoe is not only lightweight, but also practical and resilient that make it strong, but nonetheless easy to use.  It takes just about five minutes to assemble, and when you’ll want to fold it back into the backpack sized package, the process might be even faster. Whenever you’ll feel like engaging into a lake adventure, portaging, or going deep in the woods, your boat will be ready in no time and it may prove to be the ideal solution for light packing gear heads.

Of course, everything couldn’t be perfect. Considering the materials it is made of, the Adhoc Canoe’s price tag could be a stiff one.