Transparent Battery For See-Through Gadgets

Transparent Battery For See-Through Gadgets


If you were hoping for a future transparent smartphone or tablet, your wish might just come true.

Don’t hold your breath just yet, but in a few years you might be enjoying your first translucent device. After the invention of different see-through electronic components, a new big step ahead has been recently made by Stanford researcher Yi Cui.

He created a transparent power source.  The reason why batteries haven’t been made transparent until now is because, while other electronic components may be rendered transparent by shrinking them, it is rather difficult to make electrodes thin. But Cui and his team figured out the way to pattern electrodes into a superfine mesh and build an energy dense battery that holds a significant charge.

Cui managed to make the components so small as they are beyond human eye resolution, thus becoming transparent. Well, their work wasn’t as simple as it may appear, but if you are interested how did Cui’s team manage to make power sources transparent, the entire process has been recently published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Their invention may prove to be really useful, besides its aesthetic appeal, since this kind of battery could make devices smaller, lighter and more compact.