iGunCon App turns iPhone 4 into gun for iPad 2 Time Crisis

iGunCon App turns iPhone 4 into gun for iPad 2 Time Crisis


Easily one of my favorite arcade games of all time is Time Crisis. There were other on-rails shooting games, to be sure, but Time Crisis revolutionized the genre by adding in that pedal for duck-and-cover action. Now, you can have a similar experience when you pair your iPhone with your iPad and make use of the new iGunCon app.

At least, that’s the idea. Unfortunately, the (free) iGunCon app really doesn’t convert your iPhone into a functional iGunCon, because it doesn’t seem to convert it into a light gun at all. Instead, your iPhone gets connected to your iPad (or Mac) and then the touchscreen controls are mapped to your handheld rather than the gaming screen.

You tap on the trigger to shoot and tap on the different icons to switch guns, but it’s not like you’re really pointing at the screen. From what I can gather, Time Crisis 2nd Strike HD offers touch and tilt controls. With the former, you’d tap on the target, but you can’t really do that with the iGunCon app. So, it seems that you move the crosshairs to tilt your way to your target. That’s not the same at all… it’s like playing Lethal Enforcers on your SNES with a gamepad. It’s just not the same.

That’s how I interpret today’s announcement. Anyone want to give this app combo a try and let us know through the comments below?