BBM 6 talks to other apps, even lets you share your location

BBM 6 talks to other apps, even lets you share your location


Research in Motion has clearly seen some brighter days, but BlackBerry is pushing ahead with some new updates. Today, BlackBerry Messenger 6 was officially released and it comes with at least one novel feature that you might like. With BBM6, you can share news and updates from other apps as your BBM status.

Normally, your status is just a snippet of text. With the next BBM, you can connect your status to your most recent Foursquare check-in, for instance. This way, any of your BBM buddies can immediately know where you are without a) sending you a message to find out, or b) switching to the Foursquare app to look you up.

Foursquare isn’t the only app working with this kind of functionality, but aside from the Huffington Post and Poynt, not too many other major services have signed on. I’d imagine that Facebook and Twitter would be natural fits, too, but RIM will have to chat up those folks to see what kind of integration they’d want to have. You can see the full list of supported apps on the BB blog. The good thing is that if one of your BBM buddies shares a status with one of these apps and you don’t have it, you can download the necessary app directly from within the BBM 6 interface.