Canon’s wireless calculator mouse is an accountants dream come true

Canon’s wireless calculator mouse is an accountants dream come true


We all know Canon for its impressive line-up of imaging products such as cameras and printers, and less for its X Mark I series of business products.  Now it seems the company has added two wireless accessories to complement your desktop or laptop computer, the X Mark I Mouse Lite and the X Mark I Keypad.

The X Mark I Mouse Lite is actually a three-in-one product, combining a laser mouse, a keypad and a 10-digit calculator, being a space and time saver, especially for the messy people who never seem to keep their workplace in order or keep losing calculators. The three-in-one device comes in black or white, it is compatible with Windows PC and Mac laptops and features Bluetooth connectivity. If you ask me, this is quite an inventive little gadget that could target, say, accountants?

The Canon X Mark I Keypad combines a keypad and a 10-digit Semi-Desktop Calculator, also available in black and white and powered by AAA batteries. Both devices will sell for $59.99 each, the Lite one coming in August and the Keypad in September.

Three-in-one sounds pretty good for the moment, but I’m sure Canon can do more than this. For now, its X Mark I line (I still think the marketing department could’ve come up with a better name) can be a useful addition to any office or business professional, and it doesn’t look that bad either.