Touch tech of the future could operate on any glass surface

Touch tech of the future could operate on any glass surface


Imagine this: the touchscreen computer of the future may be your coffee table or your bathroom mirror. Designer Jakub Záhoř developed a computer-of-the future concept, beautifully combining the performances of a laptop with the size of a smartphone. The device may be operated on any glass surface, be it a table, a window, a mirror or anything you might think of.

If you love the capabilities of your laptop computer but prefer the convenience of your smartphone’s size, this is for you. Technically the display would be as large as you’d want it to be. The user would simply attach the central unit to any glass surface and switch it on. At that point, the gadget would scan the surface and the image would instantly be coaxed out of it. The interactive hologram on the glass has the function of a touch screen, and the user merely has to touch it in order to operate it. Albeit it is a concept, but looking at the picture, one gets the immediate urge of having such a wonderfully looking device in their home.

The gadget is almost button-free, as the only button is the switch-on/off one. This would completely replace heavy projectors, since it is an easy, take away device that could project photos, presentations or stream movies.