Mithril Kevlar jacket will even outlast you

Mithril Kevlar jacket will even outlast you


The Swedish company Klättermusen has adapted a jacket originally designed to protect motorcyclists in an eventual crash. The Mithril Kevlar Jacket is a softshell jacket and its name was inspired from the Lord of the Rings movie, since Mithril was the invincible chainmail shirt given to Frodo. The jacket is supposed to last forever, even outliving its owner and is supposed to withstand pretty much anything you could throw at it. The design is pretty much the same when it comes to Klättermusen’s jackets, but this one is made with Kevlar, the same material used in bulletproof vests.

Considering the material it is made of, the soft-shell jacket weighs 200 grams more than a regular one, reaching 606 grams, but it is also warmer and of course, tougher. On the inside, the jacket is soft brushed in order to provide the necessary skin comfort. The jacket is wind resistant and water repellent and has a high collar with neck lining, angled front zip and adjustable hems. It also features two zippered pockets for you to store a phone, camera or a snack.

The Mithril Kevlar Jacket definitely provides the needed protection for any outdoor activities you might think of: hiking, climbing, mountain biking, you name it. There’s one thing this tough Jacket can’t protect: your wallet, as the magical jacket has a price tag of around $500.