Japanese Come up With Air Conditioned Shoes

Japanese Come up With Air Conditioned Shoes


When it comes to cooling products, no one can beat Japanese innovation. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, Japan strikes again. This time, with air conditioned shoes, a must for any blazingly hot Tokyo summer.

For those days when you really want to wear your beach sandals, but they just don’t go well with the classic white shirt and the black suit, these hydro-tech shoes are the best solution: your look is sharp, and your feet are airy.
The hydro-tech shoes have been selling pretty well in a Tokyo shoe shop, advertised under the slogan “My energy saving starts from my feet!” Or to put in differently, “My feet don’t stink anymore” because the CoolBreeze shoes keep them dry.

The shoes don’t have a mini air conditioner integrated inside, but rather rely on a new filter technology that releases heat and humidity and allows air to flow, for your feet to feel refreshed and clean. The cool shoes are part of the Super Cool Biz campaign launched by Japan’s Ministry of Environment in June, aiming at reducing power consumption in natural ways. Interesting and quirky, just like you would expect a Japanese invention to be. Though I don’t see anyone replacing their air conditioner with these things, so I’m not really sure how this will reduce power consumption, unless you’re been blasting your fan nonstop toward your toes.

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