Brackerton dual USB car charger is tablet-friendly too

Brackerton dual USB car charger is tablet-friendly too


We’ve become a highly gadgetized society, but this means that we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to charge up our various portable devices. Seeing a car charger adapter that converts that 12V outlet into a powered USB port is nothing new, but the Brackerton Dual USB Charger comes with a couple of extra tricks.

Naturally, as the name implies, you get a pair of powered USB ports when you plug this into the cigarette jack in your car, but the key difference is the amount of power that the ports can output. The top jack does one amp, while the bottom one offers 2.1 amps. Considering that there are lots of adapters out there that only do 0.5A, this can prove to be quite useful.

Yes, your smartphone can charge ever so slowly along a 0.5A USB port, but your iPad and other tablet devices probably won’t. That’s where this extra juice comes in handy. And yes, there’s an LED light on there to let you know when it’s working. The low-profile design helps to keep it out of the way. Check it out for $24.95.