Tron Light Disk Audio Dock Looks Good and Sounds Good

Tron Light Disk Audio Dock Looks Good and Sounds Good


You don’t have to be a Tron mega fan to really dig this LED lighted dock: with a circular design, a 2.1. speaker system and stunning lights, the Tron Light Disk Audio Dock by Monster sure looks good while blasting out your tunes.

Meant to mimic the “identity disks” used in the Tron movie, the audio dock looks like it was lifted straight from the the Grid. Designed for Tron:Legacy, the system includes 80 controlled energy efficient LEDs and is compatible with the iPhone and the iPod touch. Once you have connected your device, just launch the Tron iPhone application and you’re free to enjoy movie-related games and striking lighting effects that line-up perfectly with the audio system.

Five speakers hidden behind the grill and a down-firing sub-woofer for the bass will generate some clean and clear sounds. Other Tron Light Disk Audio Dock features include an alarm clock, free monster visualizer app and a graphical driven EQ for iPhone and iPod Touch devices. The dock has its downsizes, though: a cheap-looking remote, short power cable and a big power brick. All these at a pretty expensive price of $300 at MSPR and $200 on Amazon.

[Via Gizmodo]