$70,000 Orphiro Electric Motorcycle Cruiser makes green sexy

$70,000 Orphiro Electric Motorcycle Cruiser makes green sexy


If you’re an electric cruiser enthusiast, this should be right up your alley. A new electric wide body cruiser, the Orphiro Electric Motorcycle will be coming out this September. Built from scratch by Alexander Steegh and his team from the Fontys University of Applied Science, the cruiser aims at changing the general perception on electric cruisers for the better.

With a battery range of 60 miles and a top speed of 75mph, the Orphiro shapes up pretty nicely for an electric cruiser. When it comes to styling and power, electric motorcycles are known for their lack of appeal, but unlike previous models, this one sure looks classy and is worth the attention.

It has a chopper aesthetic with extended front forks, rounded mirrors and twin headlights. Even if the cruiser is worth the attention, I’m not sure it’s also worth the money, as the price tag is over $70,000 US. Considering the price, mass production is unlikely, and the company says that for the moment, they are only planning to produce some for promotional activities. Nice, but fast enough to replace a gas-guzzler? Not with that price tag.