Photograph The Cosmos With Astroclip iPhone Accessory

Photograph The Cosmos With Astroclip iPhone Accessory


Among the different accessories for the iPhone 4, some are truly interesting, useful and can cost much more than a few bucks. Astroclip fits the above descriptions nicely. Astroclip is a Kickstarter project, created by designer matthew Geyster from Base One Labs in Boston, and it is the very first iPhone accessory that actually allows users to take photos of the moon and galaxy.

Since an iPhone on its own isn’t compatible with a telescope, Astroclip was designed to solve the problem. This innovative add-on lets you hook up your iPhone 4 to a telescope and take photos of the cosmos using your smartphone’s camera. Any telescope with a 1.25 inch eyepiece will be suitable, so Astroclip works with most of the available telescopes. The accessory clips onto the iPhone 4 and comes with a mount that can be secured to the lens of the telescope.

After attaching the telescope to your iPhone, users can run Hipstamatic or some other camera app, and start shooting real images of the galaxy. It sure sounds like an interesting idea and would probably appeal to professionals and amateurs alike, but Astroclip is currently just a project and isn’t ready for the market. The designer is hoping to raise $15,000 to put it into production, but don’t worry, if it gets to production, it won’t be ridiculously expensive – only $25. Check out the accessory in action in the video.