Google+ slowly turning into Facebook already with Games Stream

Google+ slowly turning into Facebook already with Games Stream


I figured it was an inevitability, but I didn’t think it was going to happen so soon. Just as there was a mass exodus from MySpace to Facebook because the latter, at the time, offered a cleaner and less cluttered interface, the same is starting to happen with Google+. Except soon, you’ll be playing games on Google’s social network too.

No, I don’t want to join your Mafia family. No, I’m not interested in your new batch of fresh farm tomatoes. No, I don’t want to play CityVille with you. I don’t want it. And I don’t want it in my Google+… but it’s coming. Set to be dubbed Games Stream, it’s going to add casual games to Google’s social network. Wording on the Google Plus Help pages, which has been removed, referenced games and potentially a separate stream for finding games.

They haven’t quite declared how this is going to work and whether you’ll be able to filter out the gaming noise from your social signal, but you can bet that it’s coming. Despite limited invitations, Google+ has already grown to over 20 million users. The hope is that Google recognizes that these early adopters are mostly techie geeks like me and we don’t want our streams flooded with gaming notifications. I have no issue with the games themselves; I just don’t want every update to be something about getting a new pig on a farm.