Get a Biodegradable Watch for $30

Get a Biodegradable Watch for $30


None of us like thinking of our electronics taking up space in some landfill, or worse, floating around in a third world country where children dismantle the various toxic components and use unsafe methods to dispose of them. If you want to make sure it’s easy to dispose of your watch, the Sprout Biodegradable Watch will surely find its place among your accessories.

The watches come in a variety of models and colours, so you will certainly find one to match your style. They are mainly created for kids and teenagers, with colors ranging from pink and yellow to blue, green or white, but adults may also try to loose the expensive Rolex or the boring metal watches and go for a fresh bio alternative, in a black or beige version.

The Sprout watches replace metal and plastic with an organic cotton band, use corn resin instead of plastic and even feature mercury-free batteries. Some models are water resistant, although, over time, this resistance may decrease. While they’re good for the environment, another plus side is they’re good for your wallet, too. Depending on the size and model, the prices start from $30, while the most expensive designs can reach around $75. So, if you want to go green, Sprout Biodegradable Watches are a fashionable way to start being eco-friendly. If you get bored of your accessory, feel free to throw it away! Though it would be best to find an active compost for the watch, if your city has one.