E-bike concept transforms to racing superbike

E-bike concept transforms to racing superbike


Sometimes, you just can’t decide. Do you want a smooth and comfortable ride for cruising around the city doing errands? Or do you want a more aggressive bike so you can rip through the mountain pass and around the track? The idea with the Shavit electric motorcycle is that you can have both.

This concept by Eyal Melnik is being dubbed a “morphing” e-bike. The handlebars, footpads, and seat height are all independently adjustable. You can angle the seat upwards, nudge the footpads a little further back and push the handlebars down, giving you that race stance around the track. When you’re in town, you move those back and you’re sitting upright again.

It’s an interesting idea, to be sure. Considering that all cars have some level of adjustability, particularly for the seat and the steering wheel, I can’t see why motorcycles should be all that different. The Shavit just takes it a little further. You’ll also notice the lack of a conventional gas tank. This is an e-bike, after all, so I’m not so sure that it’d be a really fast sports bike as much as it would be a fun sporty bike. Check out how it would morph in the video.